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Panic_Posie and her Prettyful Panicful Existance [entries|friends|calendar]

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target stuff [Monday,
May 30th, 2005]

okay.. i have been looking around and there are sooo many things I want... I have decided against a diaper changing station... apparently no one ever really uses one... and odds are neither will I. so.. here is my new updated wish list. All from Target. I guess I need to register though...

onto my wish listCollapse )

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Friends Only... Comment to be Added! [Wednesday,
October 27th, 2004]
[ mood | dorky ]

I really enjoy writing in my journal but it is really personal. I don't want just any ol' broad reading it, but if you feel that I am someone you'd like to learn about, and want me to learn about you as well feel free to comment. I may add you.

Sorry it must be this way. Thanks dolls!

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